Superior Round the Clock Support for Your Roadshow

Roadshows require superior around-the-clock support along with the flexibility to keep up with demanding schedules, the ability to understand the pressures involved and allow for the frequent adjustments to the itinerary.

Years of experience have enabled us surpass the unique demands required. Whether it’s multi-cities, multi-stops, or both you can count on 305 Transportation to provide exceptional logistical support at the intensive level of service that your roadshow demands.

Dedicated Show Coordinator

In addition, 305 Transportation provides a dedicated show coordinator in each city and locally who works for you 24/7. You will have access to an 800 number, fax number and email address for instant contact at all times.

Experienced Top Level Chauffeurs

Your chauffeurs are trained to work closely with you at all times and of course confidentiality is the top priority. 305 Transportation will supply you with a contact phone number for your chauffeur at least 24 hours in advance of your event. In addition your show coordinator remains in constant contact with your chauffeurs via cell phones, pagers and/or car-mounted phones enabling us to monitor changes and continually track your progress. Thus providing you with greater control and the flexibility that you require in order to guarantee a successful roadshow.